Thermal Imaging

Why Infrared Thermographs?

In today’s competitive business climate, you always have to be on top of your game. That means being prepared for the unexpected; that means anticipating a problem before it occurs. A preventive maintenance program helps your maintenance department eliminate unexpected shutdowns. A thermal imaging service ( using infrared thermograph), as an integral part of a complete preventive maintenance program, can help you detect problems before they become critical. This will result in reduced production downtime, increased safety, and the possible elimination of potential fires. As an added incentive, insurance companies may sometimes reward the implementation of an Infrared Thermograph program with a reduction in premiums. In the short, it can save you money!

CircuitBreaker_Thermal_SRS 2_1_0001

Circuit Breaker With Loose Connection


Thermal Image of a Misaligned Coupling


Motor With Internal Winding Problem